HT Panel

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HT Panel

Definition – HT panel is a metal enclosure fitted with HT Circuit Breakers, relays &metering that is used to receive 11KV/33KV supply (from one or more source) & distribute the power through its outgoing feeders. Outgoing feeder may be one or more it depends on the load of the building.

HT panel is installedin substations of Commercial complexes, residential colonies, factories, schools, hospitals etc. to receive & distribute HT supply.

Technical Specification

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Drawout type
  • Non-Drawout type
  • up to 1250A
  • up to 65kA
  • Design Ambient temp. standard 40°C Operated 45°C & 50°C
  • Type test
  • Mechanical endurance test
  • Current/HV test
  • Megger Test
  • Continuity test
  • Control/Interlock test
  • Transformer protection
  • CRCA sheet steel
  • structure,door, cover: 2 mm thick
  • gland plate: 3mm thick