Feeder Pillar Panel

Feeder Pillar Panel

Feeder pillars are the breaker panels which is the very first set of switching/protection device at the output/secondary side of the transformer and panel board is a set of switching/protection devices used for distribution of power supply.

Feeder pillar is an effective electrical enclosure to provide electrical services for low voltage electrical distribution applications. It is designed as compact and robust for vandalism protection. The metal enclosure is made of sheet steel of minimum 1.6mm thickness, mounted on a steel base frame of minimum 3mm thickness. Enclosure is suitable for outdoor application.

Technical Specification

  • Compartmentalize
  • Up 800A
  • Up to 65kA

    The busbar shall be housed in a separate compartment. The busbar shall be isolated with 3 mm thick FRC or acrylic sheet to avoid any accidental contact. The busbar shall be arranged such that minimum clearances between the busbar are maintained as per below.

  • Between phases : 27 mm min.
  • Between phases and neutral : 25 mm min.
  • Between phases and earth : 25 mm min.
  • Between neutral and earth : 23 mm min.
  • Design Ambient temp. standard 40°C Operated 45°C & 50°C
  • Megger Test
  • Routine test
  • Mechanical endurance Test
  • HV Test
  • Power Distribution
  • Power distribution with isolation
  • Power distribution with selected multiple sources
  • CRCA sheet steel
  • Structure,door, cover: 1.6 mm thick
  • Gland plate: 3mm thick