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AboutAJ Technology

AJ Technology and its talented team is lead by Mr. Ashish Jadav [ in EE, DEE] and veteran in the field of Design, Manufacturing and supplying of all types of Electrical Panels. AJ Technology has been taking the step ahead with core values of the mission.

Our mission is to deliver the satisfaction of core quality and services. We concentrate every demand of our client. We gravely committed the team of the engineers has the vast experience of doing work in a punctual and perfection way. Our other supportive team of sales, marketing profes-sionals, quality controllers and skill workers stand to serve you. We adopt a mission of comfort satisfaction.

AJ Technology applies the seamless quality which always performs work to make ideal for your needs to build a strong lifelong relationship. Our discipline of work, professionalism and perfection help to keep achieved delight. We intend to make growth to be part of your firm of work.